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Welcome to the best fully licensed and royalty free catalog of high quality EDM music for any and every fitness project. We are your one stop shop to obtain fully licensed and curated music mixes to use for any fitness streaming or Video on Demand workout.


Our mission at Sync Music Now (SMN) is to offer fitness enthusiasts and facilities the opportunity to create great workout videos utilizing the best music without the hassle of legalities, licenses, or royalties. SMN has taken upon itself to secure all the necessary Master, Publishing, and Sync rights so you can focus on your speciality - energizing and motivating the world! At Sync Music Now (SMN), you can expect the highest quality music to synchronize for your next workout video. We offer 40 different curated playlists at both 30 and 45 minute durations. Soundtracks are offered at 136 BPMs and varying tempos as well as the opportunity to customize your playlist per request. You can listen to a demo clip from all 40 of our premixed soundtracks on our music preview page. Playlists are available ala carte or unlimited with a monthly subscription. Once registered, you will have access and license to the entire SMN music library.



Our team of music specialists has a combined 60 years of music and fitness experience. As streaming and video production becomes more prevalent in the fitness industry, so too does the demand for video sync music for social media and commercial platforms. Sync Music Now (SMN) has taken the necessary steps to secure all of the master, sync, and publishing license for all of the music you can now subscribe to. Popular class durations are 30 and 45 minutes and different genres demand different tempos and styles of music. To satisfy this demand, SMN offers multi-tempo and 136 BPM options while also offering customization to fit your needs. In addition to our high intensity soundtracks, SMN also offers soothing soundtracks at 60 minute durations for all of your yoga, meditation, pilates, and other mind body workout videos.



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