“Believe, Sweat, and Inspire”


Sync Music Now (SMN) is excited to bring professional and energetic fitness soundtracks to the video world of fitness! We work with fitness enthusiasts that are creating motivating fitness workout videos that encourage the world to be happy and fit!

SMN is blessed to also work with music producers and artists all over the world that offer top ranking music tracks to ignite a workout frenzy through streaming and Video on Demand platforms.

Our engineers have years of fitness and music experience that equate to the offering of amazing premixed soundtracks for your workout videos! We offer consultation to all of our customers who want the ability to create fitness videos without the confusion and frustration associated with music video sync rights. We get a lot of inquiries from fitness enthusiasts as to why their fitness videos were removed from certain platforms or received Copyright Strikes from companies like YouTube, Instagram and more. There are many companies that offer sync music but can not always deliver all of the licenses that you will need not to be restricted. This leads to even more confusion as to which platforms you can stream or offer your videos on demand. With Sync Music Now you can now be confident and encouraged to create awesome videos that you can and share on any platform you choose, even ones of commerce and monetization! If you are going to give the energy, devotion, and investment that workout videos demand then why not make money while you're at it? Sync Music Now grants you the Master, Publishing, and Sync rights to create, distribute and even sell your workout videos! At SMN, we got you covered! EVERY SINGLE song that SMN offers you is licensed and ROYALTY FREE for all of your fitness video production and distribution.

There is a lot of confusion as to what music can be used and with what licenses. Another inquiry we hear a lot of is from customers who pay ASCAP and BMI for Public Performance Rights and were misled to believe those licenses would cover sync rights. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between sync and public performance. To assist in your journey to find the right music sync company that best suits your needs, we have put together or Q&A Section, contact to our many service reps to answer all of your questions as well as given you these videos to watch so you can better understand the world of sync music for your next fitness video projects.

What is Synchronization License


Music Copyright explained


Master, Publishing, Sync rights


We thank you for considering SMN for your sync music needs and we are here to assist you in your wonderful journey to believe, sweat, and inspire!