Q. Once I purchase my subscription, how is the music delivered?

A. SyncMusicNow (SMN) has three delivery methods.

  • Through the SMN webplayer

  • Through the KRUActive Web Player and App

  • By purchasing a downloaded version of the soundtrack (surcharges do apply)

Q. How long can I use the music soundtracks that I get with my subscription?

A. As long as you are a current subscriber you have unlimited, universal, and
perpetual rights to create videos using the SMN music

Q. I’ve read on a lot of other music sync websites that on top of paying for the sync rights I also have to get master, sync, or publishing rights to use on commercial sites. I this the
case with SMN?

A. You want to be very careful when purchasing music as most music companies
are offering music for live streaming or for us on social media sites however you
will NOT be able to use that music on any VOD (Video On Demand) platform.
Whereas, SMN subscription covers any and all social media sites and commercial
VOD platforms. SMN does however require that platform names that distribute
the videos to be sent to SMN for their records.

Q. I’ve heard the acronyms VOD, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD. Why am I hearing these as I look into video music sync rights?

A. Video On Demand (VOD) is a popular way to access videos in the current market.
In fact, VOD has been around for a long time even before the digital world.
Remember VHS or DVDs? That essentially would be VOD. You want to watch a
movie you just pop it in and hit play anytime you want. Broadcast / Cable TV,
movie theaters, scheduled classes, and live streaming however make you watch
the content at a specific time. That said, digital VOD on platforms such as
KRUActive (www.kruactive.com) allow for you stream and download content so
you watch it on your schedule. There are three main VOD models: SVOD, TVOD,
and AVOD.

  • SVOD is Subscription Video on Demand and carries a subscription towatch the videos. Companies like KRUActive, Netflix, and Hulu are greatexamples of SVOD. This is an appealing option for fitness companies, forexample, because when they create their content and find an SVODcompany like KRUActive they can earn revenues on royalties to offsetproduction costs or even create sufficient annual revenue!

  • TVOD is Transactional Video on Demand and is where you purchasedownloads to watch content. Examples are iTunes and the purchaseoptions on Prime Video.

  • AVOD is Ad-based Video on Demand where the content may befree to the viewer however they will be subjected to advertising duringviewing. A great example here is YouTube.

Q. Can I make money on the videos I produce using SMN music?

A. Yes. The SMN subscription allows users to monetize on their video content. If
you are interested in building your brand, programming, or membership base on

a digital platform simply contact SMN at brennan@syncmusicnow.com to get
information on how the revenue and brand building works in the VOD space.

Q. Where do I send the title reports for the videos I create?

A. Title reports must be sent to SMN within 90 days of each video created. Any
videos created outside of the active subscription will be deemed illegal and a
federal copyright breach.

Q. How does SMN regulate when I create my videos?

A. SMN asks that each subscriber send in a title report with creation date for each
video that is made using SMN music.

Q. What happens if I quit my SMN subscription?

A. During your subscription period you can create and distribute your videos on any
platform including VOD commercial sites and social media including YouTube. If
for whatever reason your subscription ends, then any videos you produced will
retain a perpetual license however you will no longer be able to produce new

Q. If I download a soundtrack then won’t I be able to use that soundtrack forever?

A. No. SMN has a strict policy that you must be a current subscriber to create
content whether accessing the music through the web player or by download.

Q. If I buy a download, do I own the soundtrack?

A. No. All music and assets of SMN are always owned by SMN and no transfer of
ownership ever occurs although during your subscription you have full access to
the entire SMN music catalog.

Q. Can I share my subscription with other people?

A. No. SMN has a strict one user policy for any subscription. A subscriber may
however hire multiple talent for videos produced. SMN monitors the usage of
the music by insisting that each video has a logo or title of subscriber for each
video produced.

Q. Why do I have to pay for downloaded songs on top of my subscription?

A. SMN prefers users to utilize the web and app players for production. Once a
soundtrack is downloaded SMN has no control over that asset and must take
continued steps to monitor those tracks which includes administrative and legal
fees assumed by SMN. SMN has to pay the license for each downloaded track so
forwarding those fees to the end user is the only sensible way for SMN to
proceed with the download process.

Q. Can I get a refund from SMN?

A. No. All subscription purchases are final and no refunds unless the SMN and KRU
web and app players are down which is very uncommon as both have a 99.99%
operating and access history.

Q. How do I learn more about the Terms and Conditions and License agreement?

A. In our websites menu bar, just go the the licensing and pricing option. Then in the

drop down menu click on full terms & conditions.