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SMN is now offering FITMixes for your fitness video production! Fitness music mixes that are perfect for the standard 30 and 45 minute workout. These energetic fitness soundtracks are professionally mastered and mixed to offer a seamless playlist for all genres of fitness including but not limited to cardio, cycling, dance, H.I.I.T, Interval Training, and strength.

Each FITMix soundtrack has a five minute Chill track perfect for concluding each workout with a proper cooldown and stretch.

Enjoy these motivating soundtracks perfect for your next 30 or 45 minute workout video. Each FITMix is titled and numbered for your convenience.Choose any of the 30 or 45 minute FITMix Previews to get a sample of these great tracks.

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ChillMix Previews

In today’s crazy world the best remedy may be the opportunity to stretch, relax, and meditate. Another option is to challenge yourself and others with challenging and therapeutic yoga and pilates workouts to strengthen the mind, body, and soul.

Now you have the ability to offer all of these with the Sync Music Now ChillMix sixty minute (60Min) soundtracks. Whether your sessions are six minutes or sixty you now have a seamless inspiring playlist to add to any and all of your mind body sessions.

Each ChillMix is titled and numbered for your convenience. Choose any or all of the Previews sample these melodic soundtracks for your next mindbody workout video.

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